The Charlantan is Brad Blackburn, for better or worse. Brad, who will now be transitioning to the first person voice am a twenty-something living in Charlotte, NC. I grew up mostly in Atlanta, GA and  have developed a keen interest in Braves baseball over the years. I am also a supporter of my local pro teams, particularly the Bobcat-Hornets. I am not an expert. I just happen to enjoy both sports and writing.

To that end, whenever I feel like it, I will put together post about Charlotte or Atlanta sports. I will then post it here on this website for anybody to read, ignore, or openly deride. There are probably other options too, but you should really ask yourself, at this point why you are still reading this page when it is clear that I am drifting into a sort of stream of consciousness vanity exercise.

In my personal opinion, you should stop reading now.

You may have noticed that I made that last paragraph just one sentence long. Well, that is an old blogger trick to make it seem like you have sense of timing and to make the article appear longer. I’ll cover that in the next section. Said section begins right about now.

The Next Section: Blogging is not a hard thing to do. It’s just spilling words onto a page and formatting it in a way that makes people think they are reading worthwhile information. Sometimes this means doing pictures like the one you see above. Other times it just means making every




by isolating them. This has the effect of drawing attention to specific pieces of text from your blog post. The use of bold text can have the same eye-drawing effect. You should always use these things in your posts. Also, make sure you watch your word count. Scholars suggest that human brains can only read 8,000,007 words in a lifetime. Character count does not matter like some pop-scholars would have you believe. It is all about word count, and nobody wants to waste their finite amount of words read on a stupid blog post. So, you should never go over about 600 words. I’m up to about 300 now. It has taken me roughly 4 minutes. Let’s talk about time.

Time – Is It Real or Not?:

The fact of the matter is that time is not real. We made it up just like we made up every other system of measurement. Think of a second like you would a meter or a cup. It’s just how we measure the hurtling forward through space (Which is a real thing) of our planet and lives. Furthermore, there is no past and there is no future. These things do not exist. Only the present iteration of literally everything in the universe exists. This is a frightening thought because everything you know is constantly passing out of existence and being replaced by new iterations. It is immeasurable how quickly this happens. Thus, time not only is an unreal concept, it is also an insufficient meter by which to measure that which it purports to measure.


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