The Charlantan Has Been Absorbed

goodbyeAs some may already know, I am now going to be posting with a bunch of great people at Braves General Store. I started this little blog as a writing exercise to see if I could apply my word skills to sports. I think it’s been spotty at best, but there have been some good laughs and some posts which I am proud of over these past months. The fact is, though, I don’t produce enough #content to have my own site. So, when the opportunity to write alongside the guys at Braves General Store came up, I took it immediately.

I am looking forward to growing in this craft through the accountability and resources that come with collaborative efforts. I plan to continue walking a balance between ridiculous and thoughtful in my posts over there. I am certain that they will be better posts too, because nobody will let me publish the kind of trash that I did when I first started this thing. I hope that you’ll continue to read and interact with me and the others on that site. If not, well, it’s been fun.

The Charlantan is dead. Long Live Braves General Store.

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